APX 2000
Your people work in the toughest conditions, in some of the noisiest places at mines, near manufacturing machinery and on street patrol. Communicating with them clearly is imperative for their safety. They need a radio that is exceptionally durable, overcomes external noise and outlasts the longest shifts. The APX 2000 radio combines the feature-rich technology public safety and industrial users rely on with the real-world affordability they require.
The APX 2000 is big on the attributes you expect from APX in the smallest P25 phase 2 portable in the industry. Flexible and versatile, its easy to use, extremely durable, with advanced features for improved safety and exceptional noise suppression for clear communications. So you can interoperate with other crews, agencies, responders and P25 systems the moment you need to.


The APX 2000 leverages the industry-leading hallmarks of the APX family of P25 TDMA portables. Starting with an innovative 2-microphone design that produces outstanding voice quality and suppresses background noise so users can speak and hear clearly above diesel engines, sirens and heavy equipment. Simplified controls and an enlarged multifunction knob are easy to turn on or off, set volume and switch talk groups, even while wearing gloves. And high-spec RF performance ensures excellent coverage in challenging environments.


Reporting from a fire line or a power line, the compact APX 2000 stands up to challenging conditions. Its IP67 and MIL-STD certified to withstand dust, heat, drops and water immersion, with a tempered glass display that resists scratches, abrasions and chemical solvents. Loaded with advanced P25 features including Mission Critical Wireless Bluetooth that increase communication flexibility, GPS for quickly locating personnel and assets, and additional language support for international users the APX 2000 improves safety, from the moment its powered on until the last person heads home.


The APX 2000 is P25 Phase 2 capable for twice the voice capacity, so you can add more users without adding more frequencies or infrastructure. Backwards and forwards compatible with all Motorola mission critical radio systems, the APX 2000 portable keeps communications running without running up costs.
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