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ACE 1000 Remote Terminal Unit

The versatile and powerful ACE1000 will deliver the timely communications you need, without having to completely redesign your current system. In a new, compact package, the ACE1000 is the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) that will facilitate higher reliability and interoperability at a lower cost. Its powerful processer combined with FLASH and RAM memory allows this RTU to be used in the most demanding SCADA environments. Easy to install and use with a web-based easy-programming tool, the ACE1000 Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) is great for starting a new SCADA system or adding to an existing one.


Complex communication links from your central to remote sites are what make up a reliable and secure SCADA system. The ACE1000’s unique connection capabilities allow your system to communicate using a variety of outputs (slow dial-up, medium speed RF, and high speed wireless), at no extra cost. Designed for a wireless environment, the ACE1000 assures reliable communications over RF, LAN/WAN networks, so you can be sure your data is being transferred securely. The ACE1000 allows RTU-central and RTU-RTU communications, along with advanced networking abilities, which can be used to pass messages between RTUs in the system so you don’t have to purchase  additional repeaters or expensive antennas. Its communication flexibility gives you the freedom to customize your system that’s easy on your budget.


Complicated control processes can be time consuming and difficult to keep track of. The ACE1000 allows you to automate processes such as multiple high speed control loops, event capture, and data storage, so you don’t need to
spend time doing it yourself. The ACE1000 even offers a low power and sleep mode option for when you’re operating on solar power. Process automation improves efficiency and plant safety and you can be sure the important tasks are being completed at the right time. This will free up your employees to do other tasks and as a result, streamline your facility’s routine.


The ACE1000 is easy to install and has the processing power to function in demanding environments and complicated networks. Its user-friendly configuration tools allow you to set up your whole system, rather than each unit  individually, so you can maintain it yourself. Easy-to-use applications such as the new menu-driven GUI and the “Easy Programming Tool” reduce the amount of time and money needed for training, so your employees can get to work sooner. Your site can be supported remotely, reducing the amount of site visits you have to make. The ACE1000’s programming tools allow for easy configuration, so your system can be adapted to demanding applications or stand alone. Your current platform can be leveraged to provide the benefits of both standardization and interoperability without starting from scratch. Whether you need to collect and transmit information from existing sensors or IEDs, the ACE1000 is perfect for the job.


Not only will your transferred data be safe and secure, but your equipment will too. The ACE1000 RTU is designed to withstand harsh conditions, unlike the average PLC, which is built for the factory floor. Temperature, altitude, and humidity are no match for the ACE1000, which meets rugged specifications. Whether it’s installed at an offshore drilling platform or an Arctic power station, the environment won’t affect the performance of your system.

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