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MTS2 TETRA Base Station

The ultra flexible MTS2 meets a growing demand for small, deployable base stations that ensure site acquisition and installation is as easy and economical as possible. Reduced site acquisition costs through lower site requirements, lower maintenance through less site visits and the ability to re-use the MTS2 in different configurations. Reduced installation costs due to effortless transportability. With its small and flexible modular design, the MTS2 dramatically reduces installation costs and makes site acquisition easier than ever. Excellent front access and a fan-free cooling capability means low maintenance costs and makes the MTS2 ideal for rural or inaccessible sites.

Future Ready Design

Built and designed for your future communications needs, the MTS2 is TEDS Ready – software upgradable to support the TETRA Enhanced Data Service, a mission critical platform for secure high speed data services. Providing support for X.21, E1, IP-Over-Ethernet and MPLS means that the MTS2 works seamlessly with the most efficient and cost effective transmission networking technologies available today and in the future.

Flexible Capacity and Coverage

A small and modular base station, the MTS2 comes equipped with advanced capacity and coverage enhancing capabilities:
  • C-SCCH Ready – software upgradable to support additional control channels on the main carrier, quadrupling existing control channel capacity.
  • Easily expanded to a 4-carrier system without having to change antenna installations. Key parts of the MTS2 can be reused in an MTS4 cabinet.
  • Best in classtransmitter output power and receiver sensitivity together with various multiple antenna diversity options, allowing more coverage with fewer sites and better data performance

Optimised Total Cost of Ownership

Running costs of base station sites can account for a sizeable portion of your network’s total cost of ownership. For this reason, the MTS2 has been designed with advanced capabilities that help to minimise annual operational  expenditures. These capabilities enable:
  • Low power consumption through the use of high efficiency processing and amplification platforms. These can deliver significant operational cost savings over your network’s lifetime.
  • Reduced battery capacity requirements and low heat dissipation due to excellent power efficiency. With a strong integrated battery charger, power supply costs are kept to an absolute minimum.
  • Reduced transmission costs – native MPLS support using IP-over-Ethernet capability means that the MTS4 can enable up to 70% savings compared with non-IP based alternatives.
  • Top cable entry and bottom to top cooling airflow allowing the cabinet to be placed up against a wall or neighbouring equipment, minimising costly site space requirements.
  • Fits conveniently into a 19 inch cabinet, avoiding the need for disassembly, re-racking or repea type-approval. This allows the best possible space utilization and support for both outdoor and shock absorbing transportable  enclosures.

Reliable and Easy to Maintain

The MTS2 offers supreme reliability plus flexible access for easy servicing. Key features include:
  • Two E1 or Ethernet interfaces that can be provided with the MTS2 to facilitate implementing link redundancy using ring configurations. Redundant E1 and Ethernet ports can be activated in the event of link failure, ensuring continuous connectivity.
  • Local Site Trunking – in the event of site link failure, the base station is able to operate independent of the mobile switching office, maintaining secure talkgroup communications throughout.
  • Non-GPS operation – supports operation in the absence of a GPS signal, ideally suited to underground applications.
  • Full redundancy of base radio including support for automatic Main Control Channel switching.

Totally Secure...Day and Night

With the MTS2, there is no need to worry about theft or vandalism. The basestation equipment includes the latest security features for total peace of mind:
  • The alarm interface supports 15 external user input alarms and 2 external user outputs.
  • Door alarming contacts – an effective intrusion detection system.
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