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TCR 1000 TETRA Convert Radio

This radio can easily be concealed in light clothing and ensures secure communications with encryption features that improve operational effectiveness in the field. The TCR1000 is the smallest body-worn TETRA Covert Radio it provides fully featured TETRA radio functions to users in covert operations.The Motorola TCR1000 weighs less than 180 grams and its small, light-weight design helps officers to disguise their equipment during covert operations.

Motorola’s Discreet TCR1000 Covert TETRA terminal provides undercover officers with a communications tool specially designed for their security, comfort and intuitive use in all situations.
Motorola is a world leader in the development and deployment of TETRA communication solutions, and the new Discreet TCR1000 Covert TETRA Radio from Motorola is the smallest, full function body worn TETRA radio available.
The Motorola Discreet TCR1000 is the ideal solution to ensure secure communications in surveillance covert type operations allowing officers to blend right into the crowd. Motorola’s Discreet TCR1000 Tetra radio delivers high quality communication in a light and discrete package for those critical undercover applications.
There are no compromises in the design of the Motorola Discreet TCR1000. Motorola worked closely with police forces to ensure that it will be intuitive and simple to operate, truly Technology that’s Second Nature. The Motorola Discreet TCR1000 incorporates control features specifically matched to the needs of officers in Covert operations, and is engineered to be easily hidden inside of light clothing. A unique portfolio of Covert accessories complement the Motorola Discreet TCR1000 and offer additional flexible options for undercover officers. This radio operates at 1 watt and the option for a body mounted antenna ensures excellent coverage and maintains the discreteness of the radio.
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